Growing up in Shropshire, Sonny got into magic from an early age, having being given his first magic set at just eleven years old. Ever since, he has traveled the world sharing what he knows and performing for a variety of people at events. After making his way through college and university, Sonny found that his heart was where it had been all along and this was with a pack of cards in his pocket, eager to show his latest tricks off. 

Sonny is now 23 years old and has competed in a selection of competitions for his magic. In the years 2009-2013, Sonny won the title of Shropshire Magical Society's U18's Junior Close-Up Magician; giving him the confidence and preparation for the Young Magician of the Year Competition in the years 2011 and 2013. In 2011 Sonny gained 3rd place in the competition, later re-entering in 2013 to gain the place of runner up. This guaranteed Sonny a place in the Magic Circle soon after his 18th birthday.

"To be able to astonish someone and leave them speechless is a great feeling. The look on the faces of my audience is what makes magic magical for me."                                 - Sunday Express